The historic Ambrose Property at 1820 Claflin Road, Manhattan, Kansas was purchased by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the 1980's for use as its institute of Religion/Student Center. The building served its function well into the latter 1990's, when it was apparent that additional education classrooms and activity spaces were required.

As the church has developed "standard" plans and specifications for all of its facilities, a "one-classroom" version was selected by national and regional staff as appropriate for the Kansas State University facility. Utilizing this plan, that includes classrooms, offices, multi-use and kitchen spaces, with modifications permitted by the church, a compatible addition was created. The addition not only serves staff and students well, but also reflects the original integrity of the historic building to which it is attached. The project was the recipient of an Award of Excellence in Historic Preservation for a Compatible Addition to a Historic Building by the Manhattan/Riley County Preservation Alliance in 2002.